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Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

Compton Campus Introduction
The CCC Compton Campus provides a full range of holistic services from babies, teenagers, students, office workers, housewives, to the elderly.
We care about the health and needs of people’s body, mind, and spirit, and help everyone who comes to CCC to build a Christian family with "faith, hope, and love." The following part briefly introduces the various ministries of this church:
Sunday Meetings
Sunday Worship: The main language used is Chinese, but we have English and Cantonese translations provided. The content includes worship, hymns, preaching, and communion.
Adult Sunday School: We focus on the teaching of the Bible according to different needs, including Seekers Class, Fundamentals of the Truth, the Introduction to the New Testament and Old Testament, and advanced and in-depth Bible study of different books, etc. to help students apply God's words in their lives. To strengthen the students' ability to teach and preach the gospel, the church has successively offered training courses, such as Christ’s life and Evangelism Explosion.
Youth Group: The second generation of Chinese in North America has been under the impact of Chinese and Western cultures and values, and they need making friends with Christians with pure faith. On Sundays, we have classes especially for young people, which is taught by a full-time English pastor and teachers so that they can walk on the right path based on the teaching of the Bible.
Children's Sunday School: Classes are divided by age (3-12 years old). Each class has teachers who teach the Bible, hymns, singing, and handicraft. Every year, we co-organize with Mason Church the special activities, such as VBS (Vacation Bible School), outings and Christmas program, etc. It is the wish of parents for their children that they may grow up in a harmonious environment full of God’s love.
Nursery Room: The church provides the nursery room so that parents with young children (0-3 years old) can concentrate on attending the meetings.
Friday Night Meeting
The various cell groups scattered in the greater Cincinnati area are your most welcoming meeting places on Friday night, where you can relax yourselves from the business and nervousness of work during the week. There is time for hymns, Bible studies, and refreshments for fellowship. Welcome to join the meeting!
Family Fellowship and Small Group: The families of Chinese professionals from the mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore...etc. gather once a week or a month to pursue the eternal truth together under the love of God. You may speak freely during the meeting, and exchange ideas about family life, parenting, and professional work at any time. Based on different regions, there are: Galilee West Fellowship, Kenwood Fellowship, and Anderson Fellowship.

University Campus Student Fellowship
: There are two main universities in Cincinnati, the University of Cincinnati and Miami University. To help students solve their faith and life adjustment problems, we have set up two meeting places. The UCCF borrowed the Peoples Church near University of Cincinnati to hold the meeting. Every Friday evening, we have dinner together at 6:40 PM, and the meeting starts at 7:30 PM. Contact person: Minister Bobby Yang. The University of Miami student fellowship holds meetings at the Oxford Baptist church at 7:15 PM every Friday night. Contact person: Sister Grace Tang.

Blessing Fellowship
The elderly from different places may fortunately know one another in Cincinnati because of attending meetings, as if they have met old friends who have not seen for many years. The life of the elderly may thus be broadened, and they may get the eternal life given by God. We welcome you to join: Bible study meetings are held every Thursday, and special meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month, where the lunch is provided.

Cantonese Group
 A group of brothers and sisters who speak Cantonese gather to study the Bible and encourage and support each other in this fellowship. It is a warm fellowship, where brothers and sisters organize various activities to connect one another, such as outings, having meals together, etc.

Restaurant Fellowship
There are currently two groups. The Northern Kentucky group has been established for more than 20 years. Every Tuesday at 10 PM, several families of brothers and sisters and friends happily gather on the busy and exhausted night at the Baptist Association. They earnestly yearn for God's truth; God's words feed their souls, and they are full of power to continue their daily lives. The other group is in Liberty Township, which is also held at 9:30 PM on Sunday night at a brother’s restaurant. Through reading the scriptures, the group gains a deep understanding of Jesus' amazing grace, and they pray for each other to learn and practice faith together.
Life Counseling Service
If you have any questions about life and faith, please feel free to call the church to find a preacher for counseling.
Preachers: Pastor David Wu /Minister Bobby Yang/ Pastor Shawn Isaacs.

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Kenwood Fellowship (kenwood area)
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