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Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13

Cincinnati Chinese Church at Mason
The transliteration of Mason to Chinese “Mei Sheng” means beautiful and holy. It symbolizes that God gave us the Church planting vision to enter this beautiful and holy land. From its beginning in 2000, the Mason church has been operating using small groups structure. Through the caring in the small groups, brothers and sisters spread the Gospel of Christ and the love of Christ to the Mason area and beyond. So far, we have two districts and the following small groups, beautiful district: Iron tower, Rock A and B, Creek tree, Water’s edge; holy district: Montgomery, Cedar wood, Fisher’s bay, Vineyard, Three towers, Christian. Plus, the following groups, Twin dragon restaurant workers group, Cantonese group, Magpie group of your professionals and Blessings group for seniors (the later three groups are joint ministries with our mother church – Compton).

Sunday Services
Adult Worship: The language used on the pulpit is primarily Chinese. There is headset translation for English. The format of the service generally follows worship songs, message and communion. The communion service is once a month.
Youth Worship:It is English service led by our Youth Pastor. The service is at the same time as adult worship.
Adult Sunday School: we encourage brothers and sisters come to Church every Sunday at the Sunday school time which is before the worship services. Our slogan: everyone is either a teacher or a student. Adult Sunday school has a four-year curriculum to teach all Bible books in four years. There are three semesters in a year: Spring/Fall/Summer. The following courses are required for all brothers and sisters: Basic doctrine, New life/new living, New testament survey and Old testament survey. These courses are taught every year. All teachers are required to take the following training classes: Systematic theology, Hermeneutics and Didactic.
Youth Sunday School:Use topical studies to teach 7th grade and above to apply biblical principles to face their daily challenges.
Children Gospel Group:at adult Sunday school time, K through 6th grade are combined. Through stories, skits and games, the children learn the application of God’s word in their life.
Nursery:The nursery opens for 0-3 years old at the Sunday school time.
Children Sunday School:Children Sunday School is at the same time as adult and youth worship services. We use the materials provided by professional Christian education organizations. The kids are assigned to their classes according to their school grades. All the teachers must attend the training the church provides and serve as assistant for at least one semester before teaching.

Friday Night Gathering:
Adult:The small groups in the two districts and young professional group and Cantonese group meet altogether to worship first then split to their own groups. At the same time, K-6 grade children attend AWANA, youth attend youth fellowship. Friday night is important part of our church life. It is a time for brothers and sisters come together to share their joys and frustrations in the week and practice love one another, help one another and pray for one another.
Youth:Youth meet altogether to have worship time and sharing, then split to groups of boys and girls according to their school grades. Each group has mature Christians to serve as counselors to guide them how to live out faith in all situations.
AWANA:AWANA is lively and fan program that is designed for Pre-K to 6th graders which encourages them memorize Bible verses using AWANA dollars, AWANA stores and fun games. Children like it a lot and the best part is that the Bible verses they remembered benefit their life in future.

Twin Dragon Restaurant Workers Fellowship:
The restaurant workers fellowship meets every Monday night at 10:30pm. The workers from several nearby restaurants get together after a long day to share their joys, worries and tiredness. They study the Word earnestly and desire the Word to feed their souls and strengthen their bodies.

Sisters Fellowship:
Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, there are sisters’ meetings at two homes respectively. The sisters faithfully study the books in the Bible and share their experiences of raising kids, managing home, caring for young and old. They have built a strong bonding among themselves to trust and pray for each other.

Blessings Fellowship:
The seniors came from different countries and regions and they meet in the church where they become friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. They meet every Thursday morning and they have a special speaker and lunch together once a month.

Questions and Prayer Requests
Please contact us if you have any questions or prayer requests.
Our ministers: Pastor David Wu; Pastor Shawn Isaacs; Minister Bobby Yang

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