2023  Summer Adult Sunday School

CCC 2023 Summer Adult Sunday School and Youth, Kids Nursery room Information. 
All are in-person session, welcome whole family's participation 
Location: CCC Mason Campus
Scholl Date:  9:30am to 10:30am ,  Sunday of July  9th, 203  to August 27th , 2023
Registration: :https://forms.gle/dr5zk2QBPwGMSfaQ9

How to Lead the Small Group Bible Study,
The Exercises of Quiet Time,
1)Christ’s Life, Tutor:        , Continuous class from previous session
Location :  CCC Mason campus    Room: 

2)The Books of 1,2, 3 John, Tutor: 顾正朝
Location :  CCC Mason campus    Room: 

3)How to Lead the Small Group Bible Study, Tutor: Pastor Fang, KangJie
        Class Goal:  学习归纳法查经,如何预备、设计问题、以及应用,并通过实际操练来提高。
Location :  CCC Mason campus    Room: 

4)The Exercises of Quiet Time (Devotion), Tutor: Pastor Liu, Brian
Location :  CCC Mason campus    Room: 

For Youth: 
Location :  CCC Mason campus    Room: youth room

For K-6 Grade: CCC Mason campus    Room:13
For age 5 and under: CCC Mason campus  Room: Nursing/Baby room